Whitehead group


Prof. M.A. Whitehead
Department of Chemistry
McGill University
Otto Maass Chemistry Building,
801 Sherbrooke St. West,
Room 125,
Montreal, Quebec,
H3A 2K6, Canada.

office: (514) 398-6239
lab: (514) 398-6905
fax: (514) 398-3797


... .Aquavit and Beer

Epiphany in Dr. M.A. Whitehead's lounge

The whole Research team at tea


Birthday Party in Dr. M.A. Whitehead's office

In the Laboratory

Thomas Lazzara at work on his Dell computer

Left to right :Thomas Lazzara, Dr. M.A. Whitehead and Rami Hourani

The Mikado Cast as Seen by the Research Team

St. John the Evangelist Bishops visit with Team Present

The outside paper is Cascades Hermicolor 300g/m, i.e. squared, Which has a water mark in it only visible under UV,
as shown in purple picture. The inside paper for the pages is Cascades St. Generation 2 160M, which takes posters
and allows them to be completely readable when magnified: this was The first time either paper had been used in a publication.
Design and Desktop Publishing: www.gagnondesign.biz


FAMPPS conference at the McCord museum and
Research team at the banquet.

Launch of the Proceedings: Dr. Roger Gaudreault, Prof. Theo van de Ven,
Susan Stevenson Conference Co-ordinator) Manon Gagnon (Designer of the
Proceedings) Prof. M.A.(Tony) Whitehead and Prof. Sylvain Robert

Halloween Einstein Pumpkin,
in honour of 100 years of Relativity.
Letters: Edible Einstein, Chemistry World, December 2005.