T.G.M. Van de Ven
Paprican/NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Colloid and Papermaking Chemistry
Director, Pulp and Research Centre, McGill University

Research Interests: Colloid and interface science and their relations to papermaking chemistry: hydrodynamic and colloidal interactions in dispersions and emulsions, optical properties of suspensions, adsorption of polymers and polyelectrolytes on colloidal particles and pulp fibres. Nanotubes from alternating copolymers and nanorods made from such nanotubes. Iinterests also in biological systems with applications to biotechnology.






Ashok A. Kakkar
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, McGill University

Research Interests: Developing new synthetic methodologies that lead to "Efficient Materials" for catalysis and photonics. Acid-base hydrolysis of amino-silanes and -stannanes with compounds containing acidic end groups to synthesize a variety of supramolecular structures: monolayers to complex dendrimers. Development of active, selective and efficient catalysis of important organic transformations. Solution & interfacial chemistry for photonic based devices for second-order nonlinear optics.







Marc D. McKee
Professor of Dentistry, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University

Research Interests: Biomineralization of extracellular matrices in bones and teeth. The role of extracellular matrix proteins in pathologic calcification in urolithiasis (kidney stones), arthritis, vascular calcification.






Alfonso Mucci
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University

Research Interests: Low-temperature geochemistry & oceanography: Thermodynamics and kinetics of solid-solution interactions, carbonate geochemistry, sediment diagenesis, trace metal biogeochemistry.



Hanadi Sleiman
Associate Professor & William Dawson Scholar
Department of Chemistry, McGill University

Research Interests: Study of interaction of small molecules with DNA. Approach to design new DNA diagnostic tools, antitumor therapeutics, and higher-order DNA structures. Synthesis of advanced materials, using small molecules and polymers as building blocks: designing biomimetic materials, which can undergo self-assembly using non-covalent interactions.


Whitehead Group Contacts

Prof. M.A. Whitehead
Department of Chemistry
McGill University
Otto Maass Chemistry,
801 Sherbrooke St. West,
Room 125,
Montreal, Quebec,
H3A 2K6, Canada.

Office: (514) 398-6239
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